BUDGET |Flexible Hours & Flexible Days

Living a London Lifestyle requires flexible hours but not flexible days.

Living in a small city and commuting to London makes budgeting easier but is a challenge when depending on public transportation. Let your boss or clients know that you commute by train so that if you find yourself stuck on a train platform, you are not stressed by the delay.

Sending text messages when your scheduled train is cancelled or delayed, will make rescheduling meetings and appointments easier.

UK trains from the suburbs, villages and small cities begin leaving for London around 500 each morning. If you hate being late, plan on being on the first train into London each day.

If your time is flexible, leave for London after the commuters. Many trains have plugs, USB charging locations and WiFi. The train conductors have mentioned that people pile into the back cars of the train so walk through the train and find a seat in a forward car.

Remember the words Off peak and off off peak. These words will be friends to your commuter budget. There are bathrooms on the trains but wait until you get to work for your first cup of coffee – Be a seasoned London commuter and plan a daily uneventful trip.